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Purposes of Latvian Dance Movement Therapy Association


1. Purposes of the Association are:

  1. to unite dance movement therapists, students of dance movement therapy, and specialists, who use methods and techniques of dance movement theory in their work, in a professional organisation – the society “Latvian Dance Movement Therapy Association”;

  2. to develop and maintain a training and professional standards, to monitor the implementation of professional standards in dance and movement therapy in Latvia, on the basis of experience of American and European professional organizations, and in relation to dance and movement therapy trends in Europe;

  3. to promote development of dance movement therapy profession in Latvia, dealing with current organizational, professional and development issues of dance and movement therapy;

  4. to foster cooperation between its members;

  5. to promote its members' responsibility for maintenance and advancement of their professional education and qualification;

  6. to take care of protection of members' economic and professional interests;

  7. to promote dance movement therapy ideas and the profession in Latvia;

  8. to organize the exchange of experiences and opportunities for career progression, both within the association and in collaboration with other professional organizations in Latvia and abroad;

  9. to prepare the documentation for certification and re-certification of members;

  10. to participate in activity of the European Association Dance Movement Therapy


2. The Society cooperates with state and municipal authorities, other organizations, the media and other legal and natural persons.


3. To achieve the intended objectives, the Society has the right to pursue public activities that do not conflict with existing laws and regulations. For this purpose, the Society has the right to:

  • freely disseminate information about its activities;

  • create and issue its publications;

  • organize rallies, demonstrations, street processions and meetings in public places in accordance with the law;

  • liaise with organizations, their associations and entities in other countries;

  • to carry out other public activities.


Statutes  (In Latvian)